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From the moment we booked Martin for our daughter’s wedding, his friendliness, patience and professionalism shone through. He always returned calls and e-mails promptly and no question was too much trouble.”

Marilyn King

Based in Brighton, we come from a background in photography and film.

Our Photography and Film Experience

All of us have our own stories, but my story begins when I got my first camera, aged 7.  It was a small Kodak camera from a school ‘jumble-sale’.  I played with it all the time, pretending to take photographs.  Eventually, my parents bought me a real camera and I was hooked.

Capturing people with photographs or on film is my passion.

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I studied at Leeds University and achieved my Honours Degree in Communication and Media. While studying I worked part-time at Granada TV and the BBC, working on ‘University Challenge’ and various youth TV shows.   After my degree, I began working in music promotion and became head of National TV promotions for Red Alert Manchester, UK.  Working with artists such as Prince, Oasis and Moby, to name but a few.

But I was keen to stretch my wings and so gave all this up to travel.  That is where my real passion for photography and film began to flourish.  I travelled to America, New Zealand and Australia, meeting people and taking thousands of photos and capturing on film experiences I bring to my work today.

I eventually applied for jobs in TV in Melbourne and worked on a kids TV show as a segment producer.  This was one of the most fun times of my life.  I love Melbourne.  But an offer came for me to work in sports TV in Asia.  Sport is my other passion and so I just couldn’t turn this down.  I moved to Singapore and worked for 3 years in Sports TV as a producer travelling, filming and photographing all aspects of life across Asia – from Japan to Saudi Arabia.  If you can’t be influenced by these cultural experiences then nothing will get you going!

But then another light went on…  In 2001 I was asked to film my sister’s wedding in Rome.   I wanted to make the wedding film the best anyone had ever seen, and so filmed it as a professional project, the results of which sowed the seed to a wedding film business that has filmed nearly 800 weddings and events to date.

I soon headed back to the UK and started my little business.  I soon needed second camera operators and have been able to bring on amazing talent – from the UK and abroad.  We are only a small team of three, but we are all talented and experienced.  Lloyd and Jodie have filmed and photographed for me for over 5 years.

Photography, film and people are in my blood and weddings allow me to express my self. I have achieved my dream to photograph and film one of the most important days in people lives and do what I love the most.

Thank you to my couples for trusting my team and me and allowing us to be the people – to film your amazing wedding day!

With a friendly, honest and professional approach – we know this is the most important day of your life and we treat every wedding as if we are capturing memories for our own family.

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